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  1. Happy Turkey Day to SDF people
  2. The wiz live airing dec. 3
  3. Patti labelle host internet sensation for thanksgiving
  4. Patti labelle vows to help the guy achieve success who took her pies through the roof
  5. Jermaine, rebbie & latoya
  6. They Are at It Again - Casey Kasem's Family............................
  7. 70's Soul Groups where are they now?
  8. My Ike & Tina Turner Review Memories
  9. "Norther Soul" film
  10. H town unsung: Full episode
  11. Dee Dee Sharp - I'm Not In Love
  12. A Life In Song: A Tribute To Burt Bacharach
  13. Buford (Fabb) Glanton of The Tempos has passed
  14. The 5th Dimension get DOWN!
  15. The Mad Lads on video
  16. Rene Moore sues EN Vogue for 100 million!
  17. The Destinations Philly Soul arranged by Bobby Martin
  18. Pat & the blenders - just because
  19. The fidelics - lovers in the park
  20. Carla thomas - where do i go?
  21. The olympics - good lovin'
  22. Bettye LaVette Nominated for Grammy: Best Blues Album
  23. 7-Year-Old Beyonce Sings 'Home' from THE WIZ
  24. 2016 grammy nominations full list
  25. Eryka badu releases mix tape
  26. Lowell Appreciation Thread
  27. Unsung: Yo Yo Full Episode
  28. 35 Years Ago Tonight...................
  29. Disintegrating Music Master Tapes That Must Be "Baked" To Preserve Contents
  30. Aretha On TV Tonight Wed 12/9
  31. Info required, please.
  32. Bettye Lavette in London in March 2016
  33. Darlene Love Continues the David Letterman Christmas Tradition on THE VIEW
  34. Interview with george clinton
  35. Tom Jones on Tavis Smiley
  36. La La Peace Song - Vincent Sisters Jim Gilstrap Rick Gianotos
  37. Patti, aretha, dionne parody
  38. Happy Winter Solstice to Everyone
  39. Ray, Goodman & Brown - Full Concert - 10/24/80 - Capitol Theatre
  40. Parliament-Funkadelic - Full Concert - 11/06/78 - Capitol Theatre
  41. Prince - Full Concert - 01/30/82 - Capitol Theatre
  42. Narada Michael Walden - Full Concert - 04/25/80
  43. 1967 CONCERT Arthur Conley Sam and Dave Lee Dorsey Linda Carr
  44. JOE SIMON Live and really getting down
  45. Gerald levert unsung full episode
  46. Derek Martin
  47. Merry Clayton update
  48. Officer Involved In The 1999 Shooting Of Amadou Diallo Has Been Promoted
  49. Through The Years - DARLENE LOVE on Letterman -- Which Performance Was Your Favorite?
  50. Joe simon and the temptations - time to change
  51. The complete it's the beat!!! Soul show performances
  52. Classic Soul music jukebox site
  53. Brothers johnson full concert-4/25/80-capitol theatre
  54. SWAMP DOGG aka Jerry Williams
  55. Adele at Radio City
  56. 40th anniversary of Mothership Connection LP
  57. Rufus featuring chaka khan album
  58. George McGregor on drums question
  59. Morris day & the time in concert ~1/30/82~ capitol theatre
  60. Another badassssss parliament-funkadelic concert 1976
  61. Happy (Belated) Birthday to Ms. Dionne Warwick!
  62. Aretha does it again ...for Carole King and the Obamas
  63. Happy new year gang
  64. New Pepsi Commercial featuring Doris Troy
  65. Rosalie Trombley
  66. Natalie Cole - RIP
  67. Chess/brunswick records
  68. Songs that are just too long!
  69. Natalie cole's "inseparable"
  70. Dionne Warwick lawsuit
  71. Aretha's In Concert Tribute to Natalie Cole
  72. Arif Mardin's production style
  73. Soundscan or RIAA numbers
  74. The Falcons in 1959. YOW!
  75. Betty Boo - My Man Flint *New release*
  76. Nicholas Caldwell of the Whispers
  77. Steely Dan's Donald Fagen Was Arrested for Assaulting His Wife
  78. Bernie Worrell
  79. Fantastics 1971 video footage!
  80. Toni braxton movie coming to showtime january 23rd
  81. Tv one is filming miki howard biopic
  82. RIP Otis Clay
  83. "Trapped" singer Colonel Abrams ill and homeless; GoFundMe page opened
  84. Natalie cole will be laid to rest in la on monday, january 10 in la
  85. David Bowie - Just heard the news !!
  86. Northern soul - a controversial analysis
  87. Gwen McCrae - Let's Straighten It Out! (2008)
  88. The Flirtations 2015
  89. The Three Degrees 2016
  90. First Choice Live
  91. In memoriam: Nicholas caldwell of the whispers
  92. William guest of the pips
  93. The Murmaids
  94. The Paris Sisters
  95. The foundations...any info???
  96. Eagles Guitarist Glenn Frey Dies
  97. RIP Mic Gillette (Tower Of Power)
  98. RIP Gary Loizzo
  99. STUDIO Vs. LIVE PERFORMANCES: Why Are The KEYS/Arrangements Often Different?
  100. Soul Music Hall of Fame etc
  101. The Jack Moves
  102. Tina Turner & David Bowie - Let's Dance!
  103. That damn C-word claims another music legend.
  104. Extended ashford & simpson's sophomore & sister sledge's debut reissued 1/29/16
  105. Beyonce holds off new release until adele fever dies down
  106. Will Porter
  107. R kelly talks on aaliyah & much to my surprise being illiterate
  108. Another family fight, this time ronnie & charlie wilson over the gap band
  109. BBC4 Music Moguls documentary - the producers
  110. BBC Music Moguls documentaries now on YouTube
  111. Lisa fischer live in ann arbor, mi tomorrow january 27, 2016
  112. Soulful Shack - your feedback welcomed please
  113. Paul Kanter of Jefferson Airplane Has Passed
  114. Darlene Love & the Blossoms- O Happy Day & Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  115. New music from regina belle
  116. 9.9's 1985 self-titled album coming out on CD
  117. carol anderson..sad girl ..fee records
  118. Mai Tai
  119. Gospel Music At Swedish Royal Wedding???
  120. You get a platinum record, you get a platinum record,..
  121. John Kydd
  122. Sometimes I find the damndest things....
  124. Mashed Potato Time...cover version--a must see!
  125. Mashed Potato Time...cover version--a must see!
  126. Mashed Potato Time...ukulele version
  127. Maurice White.....Earth, Wind and Fire....passed
  128. Bettye LaVette in NYC @Iridium Feb. 13 and 14
  129. Maurice white-dead??
  130. Dan Hicks of the Hot Licks Passed This Morning
  131. Pray for Bernie Worrell
  132. little antony and the imperials..better use your head....new video find...
  133. La La Brooks
  134. Looking back a few years...1963
  135. More blasts from the past.... Stamp Out The Beatles
  136. Rip sugarfoot
  137. Beyonce- Formation (Video)
  138. I always wanted to hear..............
  139. Missed the Dionne Segment on "The Insider"
  140. Albert Bailey.....Faith, Hope and Charity
  141. Ronnie Spector - English Heart
  142. For fans of The Pixies Three....new CD
  143. Grammys have no plans to broadcast tributes to Natalie Cole or Maurice White
  144. The jacksons victory tour : Full concert
  145. Spike lee documentary "michael jackson's journey from motown to off the wall"
  146. Unsung new season
  147. FOUND: Apollo photos
  148. RIP Vanity
  149. Stevie wonder doing acapella tribute to maurice white on grammy's now
  150. EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Cole's Family Outraged Over GRAMMYs' 'Disrespectful' Tribute
  151. 60's Girl Group Disc Guide
  152. Paul McCartney, Beck, and Taylor Hawkins Denied Entry to Grammys Afterparty OUCH!
  153. R.I.P. Willie B. Holland, last original member of The Persuaders
  154. Bowie's son takes aim at gaga
  155. Pre-Blossoms CD coming soon
  156. A Dance Masterpiece
  157. Decade long battle over billy preston's estate finally settled
  158. Prince Phillip Mitchell
  159. See This for a good laugh
  160. Brilliant Tom Moulton Remix of Runaway Child Running Wild!!!
  161. Is Anyone Watching "Vinyl" on HBO?
  162. Rihanna beats Michael Jackson's chart record
  163. Chuck Barksdale lead on Dells 'Share'
  164. Harold melvin & the bluenotes - the love i lost (mike douglas show)
  165. Fats Domino biography on tonight 2/26
  166. Ruth pointer on the wendy williams show
  167. Starlight UK Radio - Celebrates America's Black History Month
  168. Mary Wells, Mary Wells 1965
  169. Whitney Houston * I'm Your Baby Tonight (original) !
  170. Spyder turner - you're good enough for me
  171. Mavis!
  172. Reminder of the Dionne Warwick TV special
  173. Sheeri Taylor He's The One Who Rings My Bell..$355
  174. Nina Simone's Family Very Upset Over New Bio-pic
  175. RIP Gayle McCormick
  176. Identify this group???
  177. A new Dramatic
  178. THE RIVINGTONS A rose growing in the ruins
  179. Latest on Glen Campbell
  180. George Martin Has Died
  181. Lisa Fischer in Minneapolis
  182. Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman battling cancer
  183. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Aretha) Mono Vs. Stereo
  184. Supreme Voices
  185. King
  186. Corinne Bailey Rae "Been To The Moon"
  187. RIP Keith Emerson
  188. Ernestine Anderson passes.....
  189. New after 7 song
  190. Dj rogers on soul train
  191. New CD by The Three Degrees......'and others'
  192. Hi def vinyl on its way
  193. Frank Sinatra Jr. dies at 72
  194. Rip gospel artist daryl coley
  195. Blew the dust off this rare apollonia 6 jam
  196. Lee Andrews, Philadelphia, RIP
  197. Birth day thank yous, ceasar the original tymes
  198. Paul McCartney launches bid to Get Back his Beatles songs
  199. A Tribe Called Quest, Founder Phife Dawg RIP
  200. James Jamerson Jr, RIP 23Mr2016
  201. Rip phife of tribe called quest
  202. Northern Soul Night at MOCAD - Sat. Nite March 26
  203. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Aretha Franklin Queen Of Soul
  204. At Long Last -- STARGARD - "Changing Of The Gard" (Expanded Edition)
  205. Jack Ashford.....Just Productions
  206. Anita Baker’s ‘Rapture’ at 30: How a Promising Singer Won It All by Being Herself
  207. Ruth pointer's book full promo
  208. Prince as a dc comic super hero
  209. The Hearstoppers
  210. George michael & whitney houston
  211. Elton john sued by former body guard for sexual harrassment
  212. New music from anthony hamilton
  213. Big "8" CKLW Rosalie Trombley honored
  214. Funkadelic, lisa fisher, winans, caron wheeler, jocelyn brown & more...
  215. Debbie sledge very public letter to kathy sledge
  216. William Bell - The Three Of Me
  217. James Jamerson Jr Memorial Fund
  218. Ronnie Spector at Glastonbury
  219. Telma Laverne (Del-La Record TS-2) - Baby Don't You Leave Me/He's a Lucky Guy-Value?
  220. Marvin Gaye
  221. New book on mick jagger & keith richard's bromance
  222. Spike lee's michael jackson: Journey from motown to off the wall
  223. Washington, DC's Howard Theatre is Struggling to Survive
  224. BET acquires 'Soul Train' franchise
  225. Brand New -- RITA COOLIDGE Autobiography
  226. New Dionne EP
  227. Leon Heywood Passes R.I.P.
  228. Staple Singers, Bobby Darin, and Cannonball Adderley Quintet CD Reissues Coming!
  229. Maxwell drops new single and talks about upcoming cd
  230. No Refunds for Cancelled Janet Jackson Tour!
  231. Ike & Tina Turner
  232. New music from corrine bailey rae
  233. Miles davis biopic starring don cheadle in limited release april 22nd
  234. Jackie Robinson documentary
  235. The Supremes' Mary Wells......I don't think so.
  236. Rip david gest
  237. Soul Concert of the year still happening?
  238. Maxine jones speaks on the break up from en vogue
  239. Thread error
  240. For Fans of Girl Group Music
  241. Syl Johnson documentary movie
  242. Jerry Bedwell-Bass Guitar, passed away. 1960's Detroit Music Scene member.
  243. New music from perri
  244. Tracee ellis ross work that body in a tribute to her mom
  245. Questions About Recording Mixes And Sound Levels
  246. Anyone heard Arthur Alexander She'll throw stones at you
  247. Prince has passed. May he RIP
  248. Has prince died
  249. I'm hearing That Prince Died
  250. Prince - Partyman - Batman OST 1989