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    Brown Eyed Woman - The Righteous Brothers

    Who were the background singers on that track... They sound GOOD!!!

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    The Blossoms - "Brown Eyed Woman" was written about Darlene Love

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    Wow i didnt know that! They (The Blossoms) sound really good on that track

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    "Brown Eyed Woman" was a solo recording by Bill Medley, for which I paid a fortune to obtain on a MGM promo 45 about 25 years ago, I suppose 7.00 doesn't seem much now, but back in the day.

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    The Blossoms where really great singers.

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    Probably the biggest solo record Medley ever had (aside from his song from Dirty Dancing)...Bobby Hatfield tried for a short time to make it with a new partner (Jimmy Walker, late of the Knickerbockers of "Lies" fame), but when that didn't work, he opted to do some solo stuff as well.



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    Bill and Darlene were involved in a relationship. She talks about it in her autobiography.

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    Brown Eyed Woman was a big hit in New York. It should have done better than #43 on the Hot 100 but it's a Great Record!! nevertheless.

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    Late to the thread(haven't checked in in a while). Brown Eyed Woman is not only my favorite Bill Medley record, but it would be on a desert island disc if I could only have one 80 minute CD to listen to for the rest of my life.

    New thread, anyone? ;-)


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