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    Tyrone Davis video performance in his prime!

    Here's a Tyrone Davis video new to me - maybe to you too!

    Tyrone performs "If You Had A Change In Mind".

    Tyrone is preceded by two very clever soultrain dancers working out to Johnny Williams "Soul Motion".

    Whilst you are at it, take a listen to Tom Moulton's sensational remix of Soul Motion..... but don't blow your speakers!!!


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    Good stuff mike,i had forgotten all about that song..it's always good to see soul train!!

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    Hi arrr&bee,

    Sadly I never got to see Tyrone Davis live. I collected everything I could lay my hands on right from his Tyrone Wonder Boy days through to the end, but just never got to see him. I was especially keen to see him live because I had always read that his band, The Platinum Band, were the very best in the business. From what clips I have seen , I have to believe that's a fair assessment..... it's the stagecraft that gets me everytime!!!! And of course the musicianship.......

    and here he is performing the same song on Soul Train when it first came out....


    And big bonus, 11 minutes of live Tyrone and The Platinum Band... utterly transcends the recording technology available at the time....

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    I just couldn't leave out this performance by The Platinum Band and Tyrone..... don't miss the two guitarists and their high energy flawless grooving....

    or this one

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    I was lucky to see him at the howard way back in the day he was great!


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