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    Barry Whites' Old Car

    last night while flipping channels on TV came across History Channel & a guy looking for an old car for a friend of his, Glodean White....so ofcourse I watched..in a driveway he's lookin at this rather gaudy car that had white fur lined trunk & he says "This is it, Barry Whites old car" & bought it for $8,500. from this woman .Never explained how she had it.The show goes on to other old cars & then this guy restores Barry Whites Stutz-Bearcat.He says Glodean told him "spare no expense-she wants it like it used to be".Well, he does & then brings Glodean out to see it....she looks great!It then became very emotional as Glodean started crying saying "I see my husband"....well, I almost had tears too. Anyway, Glodean still had those super long fingernails.

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    She probably remembers "Driving In The Rain With The One She Loves"

    What was the name of the program? History Channel tends to rerun things frequently so it would be nice to check it out....

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    The show is called "Counting Cars". It is somewhat of a spinoff from "Pawn Stars". The "Count" was Pawn Stars resident expert on cars, and now he has his own series. I too saw the Glodean episode the other day and it was very touching, and the Count was very proud that he was able to do that for Glodean; apparently Count, Glodean and Barry go a long way back.

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    The Count?

    One automobile.

    Two automobiles.



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