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    Hi Ralph. I do not remember that clinic. I used to go in Hewett's a lot back in the day. I know the son Tim Hewett who now runs the stores. They have one in Troy. There are still many clubs in Metro Detroit to play but they are usually one nighters with different acts each night. It's not like the old days where you could play six nights a week for two years in the same club. I have some great young players in my band and they stay pretty busy. I do remember the story of when sax player King Curtis came to Windsor to play a show. All of the local sax players were lined up to sit in. King invited one of them on stage to do Honky Tonk. You should have seen the look on the guy's face when King started the song in the key of F#. yikes......

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    Oh...that was in Windsor? That is the story I'm talking about, but I thought it was at Hewetts. From what I understand, King asked who the baddest sax player in Detroit was and at the time Davy Koverik seemed to be it. So he was invited to come up and play Honky Tonk with King. King counts it off...one....two....and then says 5 sharps as the song begins. Poor old Davey is stuck standing there with his horn in his mouth and nothing happening.

    To the musically unschooled, Honky Tonk was in the key of F on the record. A relatively easy key to play in. F# is basically a bitch...
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