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  1. #37701
    You-Marvin Gaye

  2. #37702
    You Wonderful You - Judy Garland & Gene Kelly

  3. #37703
    Wonderful Baby-Four Tops

  4. #37704
    Sweet Baby - Clarke/Duke Project

  5. #37705
    Sweet Baby James - James Taylor

  6. #37706
    Big Baby (so creepy...and note the tattoos)-Toy Story 3

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  7. #37707
    Must be Britney Spear's baby.

  8. #37708
    It Must be Love-Alton McClain & Destiny

  9. #37709
    It Must Be Magic - Teena Marie

  10. #37710
    It Must Be HIm - Vicki Carr

  11. #37711
    Dark End of the Street - James Carr

  12. #37712
    Street Level - Zinc

  13. #37713
    Street Corner-Ashford and Simpson

  14. #37714
    Down On The Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival

  15. #37715
    Driving Down The Block - Kidz In The Hall

  16. #37716
    Rolling Down A Mountainside-The Main Ingredient

  17. #37717
    Falling In Love With Love - Rodgers & Hart

  18. #37718
    Love Ain't Love-Florence Ballard

  19. #37719
    I Am Love - The Jackson 5

  20. #37720
    I AM DIVINE (2013)
    New documentary on the late, great Divine

  21. #37721
    Liam Neeson

  22. #37722
    "Goo Goo G'Joob"
    The Beatles

  23. #37723
    Pink Flamingos (1972)

    Miss Edie: Look, Babs. So many little eggies, and I'm still starving, and I'm going to eat them all before I go to sleepie.

    [the family ponders who could have sent Babs an obscene parcel]
    Edie, the Egg Lady: The Egg Man didn't do it, Babs! I KNOW the Egg Man didn't do it!
    Babs Johnson: Oh, I don't think he did it either, mother, now shut up and let me think, WILL YOU?

    Miss Edie: [Edie wakes up in her playpen and sees Cookie for the first time] Hey, pretty little face! Pretty little face you got there.
    Cookie: Hi I'm Cookie, I understand you're Edie, Crackers' grandmother?
    Miss Edie: Edie Schmeedie Heedie, HA HA HA HA!

    Miss Edie: Babs, where do eggs come from?
    Babs Johnson: From little chickens, Mama. They lay them, and we eat them.
    Miss Edie: But suppose someday there weren't any chickens. Would that mean there wouldn't be any eggs?
    Babs Johnson: Oh, I don't think you have to worry about that, Mama.
    Miss Edie: But... but is it true, Babs? lf there weren't any chickens, there wouldn't be any eggs? Is that true?
    Babs Johnson: I suppose so, Mama... but there will always be chickens. You can be sure of that.
    Miss Edie: But suppose someday it happens. Suppose someday there weren't any chickens. Oh, Babs, what could I possibly do? And then the eggman wouldn't have... he wouldn't have a job. It might happen, Babs. What could I do?
    Babs Johnson: Now, Mama, that's just egg paranoia. I think you're being very silly. There will always be chickens. Why, there are so many chickens now... that we can eat some and let some of them live... in order to supply us with eggs. Chickens are plentiful, Mama. The world will never be without chickens. You can be sure of that.
    Miss Edie: Oh, Babs... IT COULD HAPPEN! IT COULD HAPPEN!

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  24. #37724
    I Only Have Eyes For You - Flamingos

  25. #37725
    Where Flamingos Fly - Gil Evans

  26. #37726
    Birds Do It, Bees Do It (1974 Documentary)

  27. #37727
    Let's Do It Again - Staples Singers

  28. #37728
    Let's Go-The Routers

  29. #37729
    Going For The One - Yes

  30. #37730
    No, No Joe - The Silver Convention

  31. #37731
    I Got The Feeling (Oh No, No)-Neil Diamond

  32. #37732
    Oh No, Not My Baby - Maxine Brown, Dusty Springfield, Cher

  33. #37733
    Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby) - Louis Jordan

  34. #37734
    It's You-Ullanda McCullough

  35. #37735
    It Had to Be You - Frank Sinatra and many others

  36. #37736
    Diana Ross

  37. #37737
    It's A Great Day For The Irish-Judy Garland

  38. #37738
    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - 'The Isle O'Dreams', 1912

  39. #37739
    Bloodshot Eyes - Wynonie Harris

  40. #37740
    VISINE® Eye Drops

  41. #37741
    Sight For Sore Eyes - M People

  42. #37742
    Damn Your Eyes - Etta James

  43. #37743
    Jackson Browne

  44. #37744
    I'd Rather Go Blind - Etta James

  45. #37745
    I'd Rather Go To Jail-Mitch Ryder/Detroit Wheels

  46. #37746
    "On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia" - W.C. Fields

  47. #37747
    I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love - Peter Allen

  48. #37748
    She'd Rather Be With Me - The Turtles

  49. #37749
    Turtle Blues - Big Brother & The Holding Company feat. Janis Joplin

  50. #37750
    Shell Game


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