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    The Rocky Fellers - today!

    Someone had asked about this group on another thread, the one on the Shirelles and
    Scepter Records...
    Albert and Eddie Maligmat, the two youngest brothers, both live in Hawaii. There
    are many videos of them performing available on "you tube".
    Just google their names and you'll see--"Albert Maligmat" or "Ed Maligmat".
    Good performances too!

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    Great stuff!

    Check out some of these "you tube" videos of Albert Maligmat (some with brother
    Eddie) in performance at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where he performs every
    Tues. and Thurs. night in one of the lounges--I Believe I Can Fly, Billie Jean,
    Unforgettable, Unchained Melody, etc.
    There's one of Eddie and Albert doing a song that Sergio Mendez and Brazil '66
    did and it is fabulous--Eddie makes his voice sound just like different brass
    instruments, all the while playing bass.
    Check out the video of Albert performing with Eddie Ramirez on trumpet "Amazing
    Grace". His voice is FABULOUS!!!
    There's also some very early Rocky Fellers performances from the Dinah Shore Chevy
    Show ('59) doing "Little Darlin'" and from the Jack Benny Show ('62) doing "Long
    Tall Sally".

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    Albert performing in Las Vegas with Eddie Ramirez and orchestra

    "Amazing Grace"


    Hope this works!

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    Albert and Eddie Maligmat performing at Hilton Hawaiian Village (May 2011)


    "Masquenada" with "Brown-Eyed Girl" and "Margarittaville" , etc.

    The beginning of the video is excellent and the music continues to be good, but the last portion the audio and sound
    are not in sync.

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    http://youtu.be/QnFQBWNvcV0 (I don't know why this one is not working!)

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    OK, the one above DOES work! Enjoy!!!! I had a capital "o" instead of the number "0" on the end. Anyway, this one's

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    I just received an email from Albert that he was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame of Souix Fall, S. Dakota on
    April 16th for his work with a group called The Mob--he sang lead and played bass with them for about six years.

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    Here's their take on "Billie Jean"....


    and "Unchained Melody"....


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    "Billie Jean"

    I think I got it wrong above...


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    OK, the one above now works! (Sorry, folks, I'm learning as I go along)--Enjoy! Rocky Fellers take on "Billie Jean"
    a few months ago at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Hawaii.


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