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Thread: Tamu Blackwell

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    Tamu Blackwell

    I know this is not Detroit related, but does anyone know what happened to this lady? I enjoyed her performances in the 70s, but she vanished

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    You know, Bayou, since this primarily a music forum it didn't occur to me until today that this person you're talking about
    might not be known as a singer or musician. I kept saying to myself, "Tamu? Tamu?...I don't know of a singer named that"...
    Then this morning watching old video footage on youtube it hit me that you may mean the actress:


    Is this the Tamu Blackwell you're talking about. If that's the case, there are quite a few folks curious about what happened
    to her, myself included. Wherever she is I hope she's okay though I know people usually don't just drop out of a career without reason....

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    That's her! She was great...then she just vanished in the 80s

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    I did a Google search,and this is what I was able to find. (click the link below)


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    I wouldn't go by that wiki answers link, Gee Tee, seems two different Tamus are getting mixed up here...Tamu of Claudine
    was born in Brooklyn, New York and according to imdb acted up til 1993, albeit on TV. The wiki Tamu sounds like this woman


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    Thanks for clearing that up, Splanky. My bad.

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    Not your bad, Gee Tee, wikipedia's. And now that I think about it even imdb may have mixed up the two different Tamus
    with it's credits entries. The wiki Tamu is probably the one being referenced as the assistant director on Tamu Blackwell's
    filmography page here. I can't think of what would make her re-enter the business yet not go in front of the camera...

    As an actress:

    Assistant director(????):
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