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    Rob Grill of the Grassroots Near Death

    Hi All:

    I'm not really a Grassroots fan, but I know that many genres of music are discussed on the Forum so I thoiught I'd add this since I didn't see it here in case there are fans here.


    http://<b><font color="blue">http://...roo</font></b>

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    I for one have always enjoyed their music and his work with the band. I pray that he makes a full recovery. Thank you Rta5225 for sharing this information with us.


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    I am a big Grass Roots fan and will pray for him, despite the fact that the guy was a little rude to me at an autograph booth.



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    Mark... what did he say to you? I saw him live three times (back in the 80's) and his voice even then wasn't the same as it was in the 70's. i'm not sure why. I am a huge Grass Roots fan, Warren Entner being my favorite. Hoping he either recovers or is released from his pain.

    And don't aplogize for posting this thread rta5225.... The Grass Roots delved into soul on many occasions with the help of Dennis Provisor on lead:
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    This was posted by Rob's wife, Nancy on Friday.....


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    Being a Grass Roots fan and having a lot of their 45s and a few albums I knew for a few years Rob was not in good health,
    A lot of people dont know this but he has been performing in excuriating pain as well has having had several hip and knee replacements. If you see clips of him performing live on youtube you will see evidence of this as well as some clips of him singing but appearing to be not all there mentally. He is a trooper and I have to tell you I dont see how he carried on this long he was taking massive doses of painkillers while performing and the police got involved because of the amount he was taking I dont know who reported him which was vile in my opinion. When I saw this thread it didnt shock me but I knew that there would come a time when his days of performing would be numbered. When another guy took his place last year singing lead I figured something was wrong but since I am not in the inner circle I wouldnt now I am just a fan so I kept up within the forums and what I saw on youtube. Rob get well you are a great person and I think your life is important.

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    Here is a clip of him doing Temptation Eyes on a stool look and listen he is really a trooper you can tell he is struggling
    God bless him


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    I met Rob after one of those county fair concerts and he was very nice. My friend commented on how nice his voice has held up and he jokingly said something like, "You're kidding, right? Thanks!"

    Seemed like a nice guy, he performed the concert in a chair as he had busted his leg. Really sorry to hear this news. I love The Grass Roots music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
    Here is a clip of him doing Temptation Eyes on a stool look and listen he is really a trooper you can tell he is struggling
    God bless him

    Stephanie, about a month or so after that appearance his son passed away.

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    I was sorry to hear this, I have lots of their records. For a rock band, they had a soulful edge. If you listen to the intro to "Wait A Million Years," it was similar to "You Keep Me Hangin' On." He had a great voice and was electrifying on stage. Though I never met him I've heard from so many that he was a very nice man who has been in failing health for years. Sorry to hear we may lose him, but it sounds like his performing days have ended anyway. Old rockers seem to die relatively young.

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    You're welcome Jillfoster and thanx Marv2 for your nice comments. Wow! This forum is really cool. There are fans from every genre here. I'm glad this information was helpful. If I hear anything else, I'll keep all you guys in the loop.

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    The Grass Roots when they appeared in downtown WASHINGTON DC had the biggest turnout ever I think it was in the 80s at the monument. The Beach Boys didnt attract as many people as the Grass Roots did which I find interesting I remember hearing this on the radio and reading it in the paper. They are a faceless band most people cant name the members like you can The Eagles, The Monkees and bands like that. Its a shame because they were MASSIVE sellers and quality records like Bella Linda, Heaven Knows, Sooner or Later etc. Rob Grill has one of those FM friendly voices like Mark Lindsay.

    Since Creed who plays on the Office used to be a Grass Root youtube views have gotten higher on the group and young people are discovering them which is a blessing. If you watch live clips of these guys they can play they are not fronting or pretending to be playing and its a shame they have not gotten more recognition for their musicianship. Jill Foster is right about Warren Entner he has had co leads or verses here and there with Rob Grill and his voice added to the mix to make those great hits they had. Warren has fans you just dont hear about them. I think my favorite song by them is Live for Today.

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    Steph, you are so right. What made the Grass Roots sound so fresh was the changeup of lead vocals..... their production sounded very similar through the years, the very brassy arrangements (which I love) and having some singles with Rob on lead, others with Warren on lead (the River is Wide), and even a couple with Dennis on lead, and various mixes of unison leads and call and response tradeoffs made the records not sound tired. One of their later songs that didn't hit was this one... I always thought it was GREAT, and should have done much better than number 107:

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    One thing that I always found strange is that although Rob was lead singer around 2/3 of the time... he almost NEVER spoke in interviews. Maybe later he did when he was the only original member... but during the group's heyday... I have many TV appearances by them, and Warren is basically the spokesperson for the group, I don't think Rob even utters a complete sentence. I was mentioning that they did several really good soul records, and this is one that is not well known, but it's a B-side to a good sized hit (Two Divided By Love), so quite a few people probably heard it.

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    Jill--what happened was this...the guy in front of me complimented Rob, saying what a big fan he was, etc., and Rob was very cordial with him. I gave him the CD (the live disc they were hawking at the show) and told him what a big fan I was and how much his music went to me in my younger years. He curtly said, 'yeah, yeah, move along' to me...I felt really bad. This was a guy I admired growing up, I really wanted to meet him and he was a little snippy with me.

    The Grass Roots are still one of my favorite bands from my childhood, but that really didn't sit well with me. I know he's had a lot of problems of late, but I really felt bad that he was so nice to the guy in front of me and kinda nasty with me.



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    I just saw on Wikipedia that he passed today.

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    Hi Again: This was on the GrassRoots Yahoo Group page. I guess the news will catch up eventually. This was posted there an hour ago. "This is indeed the hardest post I have ever had to write, with regret we
    announce the passing this afternoon of ROb Grill. We are asking everyone to
    light a candle in his memory tonight. I really wish it wasn't true, but it is.
    He is now at peace away from the pain he has endured all these years I take
    comfort in that fact. But will always chrish the music, fun, memories. Thank
    you Rob for everything!

    Be free my friend, be free!

    Joanne, Group Moderator, The-GrassRoots.comForum"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rta5225 View Post
    I just saw on Wikipedia that he passed today.
    This is sad news. I guess he fought as long as he could. Rest in peace Rob. Thanks for the music and the memories!


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    Here is one of my favorites and one their most popular, from 1968 "Midnight Confessions" RIP Rob Grill:

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    Very very sad! We will miss you Rob! Thanks for the Midnight Confessions and Sooner or Later

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    There's a nice little article in the Lehigh Valley Music blog about Bob's passing. Aparently the band is on the Happy Together package tour, and bass player Mark Dawson confirmed Rob's passing on state.


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    This doesn't come as a surprise but it's sad all the same. RIP.

    I just hope the "kids" now running the media will give this old rocker the recognition he deserves. The Grass Roots were awesome, fusing pop, rock and soul music. They had a highly commercial sound and an impressive chart run from 1966 to 1973. Their record label started concentrating on soul acts in the early 70s and the Roots suffered accordingly. Members came and went but Grill maintained the group until his health took a downturn. When he was arrested for abuse of precription medication a few years ago, he took it on the chin and made no excuses. I admire him and still do

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    Bummer, thanks for the music, Rob. Great group, fun, excellent tunes. Lucky to have seen him in concert a few years ago, he was great and fun to talk to afterwards.

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    Those guys were very consistent...they were and still are one of my favorite bands from that time period. RIP, Rob, and thank you for the music...



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    RIP Rob. You gave me so much pleasure over the years with the Grass Roots records. I have so many favorites I would have to list most of the songs you recorded.

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    This is interesting two former members of the Grass Roots one being Dennis P. He still has the vocal chops.


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    Rob was cremated and the family is planning a private memorial. RIP Mr. Grass Roots

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    My favorite Grass Roots tunes were "I'd Wait A Millions Years" and "Lovin' Things" but I enjoyed all of their singles. Like Three Dog Night, they were a very consistent singles band during the late '60s and early '70s.

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    my mother was crazy about Lovin Things ...Jim Bagley. What is interesting about the Grass Roots is that a lot of their hit singles didnt chart as high as one may think if you look at the numbers. However people remember most of their songs.

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    Stephanie,Your mom has exquisite taste. You are right on with the chart numbers of Grass Root recordings not matching their true popularity. I'd Wait A Million Years, Temptation Eyes, and Two Divided By Love all peaked at #15 or 16, yet all are/were extremely popular. Lovin' Things was # 49? Wow, it certainly got play where I lived and is still fondly remembered by many. My best friend's favorite Grass Roots tune was Bella Linda and that peaked at #28.


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