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Thread: cancel

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    the 100th post in a cancelled thread!
    you dont see that everyday

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    pshark Guest
    Congrats tamla, for post #100 in a thread about nothing

    Click here to see what you have won

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    I would have to say this is a first at SD.

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    a big boy did it and ran away!

    singin'we're on the road to nowhere.......nowhere to run to baby...........in the middle of nowhere
    Last edited by tamla617; 04-10-2011 at 03:30 PM.

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    No prize, either

  6. #106
    yeah, but i got 1 years subscription for the price of 12 months

  7. #107
    Best deal in town, Tamla.

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    would have been ralph.you ever tried eating one?what sort of name is readers digest?

  9. #109
    Ya'll ain't gave me nothin.....shuddup!!

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    shaddup?if you're not here how can you hear me?

    hang on if i'm not here and you're not here and i cant hear a thing did anything happen,do i exist
    am i in the tamla617 version of the truman show,is sdf just for me and loads of posters keeping me going for a tv show?
    i think i'll get a polaroid complex, people got on my back and a row develops in seconds

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    I'm supposed to hear you???hey wait a minute that's against the rules,opps silly me there are no rules where there is nothing...a skinny person turned sideways and was never seen again..was he really there? This is one of my greatest hullucinations yet..bartholome bartholome my brother??

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    my brother?
    text me your DNA and i'll check.dont give me no virus's tho' i got norton something software and if it goes to defcon 5 my pc self destructs and electricutes me 'cos i got a life time guarantee

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    Quote Originally Posted by tamla617 View Post
    my brother?
    Text me your dna and i'll check.dont give me no virus's tho' i got norton something software and if it goes to defcon 5 my pc self destructs and electricutes me 'cos i got a life time guarantee
    dna???that's too hard to spell,and you can't get a virus because there's nothing here and watch that[norton] guy he looks strange,hey defcon 5 didn't they used to imitate the jackson 5???

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    dna=dont know anything
    defcon 5 did a cover of the brothers johnson's ride on a minute man/icbm,backing vocals by ronald reagan,nancy reagan and flash gordon's raygun

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    This post makes no sense at all....very good continue!!

  16. #116
    my post consisted of junk mail,that made no sense either

  17. #117
    Floccinaucinihilipifilication...I reckon it's worth Nothing.

  18. #118
    It's all nothing............

  19. #119
    You can often make something out of nothing...take this thread for instance. Somebody please, please, PLEASE take this thread; it's cold and lonely and needs two responsible adults to raise, nurture and cherish it until the end of its days.

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    There's the rub,144man. Where can we dig up two responsible adults?

  21. #121
    Not on this thread, Ralph!!!!

  22. #122
    It does bring a smile, though, Moe.

  23. #123
    Two irresponsible people and a jug of hooch will just have to do then.

  24. #124
    Whatever gets the job done, 144.

  25. #125
    george and barbara bush were responsible for dubbya.

    you cant get more irresponsible than that!

  26. #126
    Perhaps we should invite them to the forum.

  27. #127
    ...for a Tea Party?

  28. #128
    yeah,milk and two sugars please

  29. #129
    oh,i nearly forgot...
    ...invite that woman from alaska
    no you ask her
    ask her then!
    no a-l-a-s-k-a
    calm down,what a state to get in!
    you land at fairbanks
    the airport is called fairbanks
    look,if you cant be serious and cant be bothered, i'll ask her
    Last edited by tamla617; 04-24-2011 at 02:24 PM.

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    sorry 'bout the last post

    but the army always plays it at sun set and takes down the flag

  31. #131
    That's quite different from the first post when you get woken up by the mail dropping through the letter box, turn over in bed and kiss the woman you love, then get up and go home to the wife.

  32. #132
    only to find johnny taylor's beaten you to it!

    only the lyrics aint right

    who's makin' love to she who must be obeyed,while you were out reading the bit on the sides mail!

  33. #133
    Well I hear that Torres scored on Saturday.

  34. #134
    yeah not bad for 50 million quid!
    hernandez cost 12 mill. and scored 20 so far

  35. #135
    I'd tell you who's scored the most if it wasn't for the gagging order.

  36. #136

    lol.............. but do you wanna rephrase that 144man?

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    Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to stop judges gagging in a single bound, it's Superinjunctionbreaker revealing that the identity of the footballer is Ry.....(hey, get that green, glowing rock away from me).

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    that'll do it

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    Every time, Tamla, Every time!

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    Am i awake yet???

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    pshark Guest
    Bin Laden has been canceled!

  42. #142

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    Quote Originally Posted by pshark View Post
    bin laden has been canceled!
    we talk about nothing over here..bin laden is below nothing so he doesn't belong here.

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    remember when we 1st came in the cancelled household?it looked just like the $1,000,000 (the house that bin built or osamas bin building)abbottabad 3 storey slum from inside.i think i caught a glance of the ex pandora's box full of supremes threads.the pakistani's denied all knowledge of them being there too

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    And who could blame them? Supremes' threads are much too dangerous to enter.

  46. #146
    HAHAHAHAHA 144man!!!

  47. #147
    the navy seals TCB aswell

  48. #148
    Maybe we should send in the seals for the Supreme's threads, Tamla.......

  49. #149
    they got in by "up the ladder to the roof"

  50. #150
    Hey you two better watch it or thoses supremes folks will send some seals after you..and some walruses and some sea monkeys and some sea lions,it'll be something to sea!!!


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