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    Mary Wilson Shares Motown Memories

    Mary is constantly giving interviews and after a while, they tend to say the same thing. But I think she gave a few new facts in this interview. She is asked,and she anwerers why the Andantes were on so many of their records. I wish that there was a follow up question asking why they were also on some Seventies Supremes recordings.

    She was also asked about Cindy's health

    This interview was an enjoyable read.


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    Milven thanks for posting this. I agree that some of Mary's interviews tend to be more of the same, but I put this down to interviewers not doing their homework and asking the same old questions.
    It was obvious that the interviewer from the Washington Blade was much better informed regarding the career of the Supremes/Mary Wilson and this is reflected in Mary's responses.

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    Exactly Ozmo. I thought the same thing. This is a superb interview. Thanks for posting!

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    It was a great interview. I wished it were longer and Mary was there in person on video. She is a walking Motown history book. She knew just about everybody at Motown.

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    Great interview - Thank you for sharing

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    Fantastic interview! Thanks for sharing.

    I agree, many of the interviews tend to be the same because the interviewers don't do their homework. This interviewer seems like they are a fan or have an incredible knowledge of music in general.


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