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    Hey west,this one's for you

    Because i know that you are sharp,here the question of the day,you of course know that[jeffrey hunter]was the first captain of the starship[enterprise-capt.pike]but someone else was asked to play the role before hunter,who was he and why didn't he take the role?

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    Whether I'm sharp or not (I'd say not), you have me beaten on that one, Arr&bee.....

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    If I recall correctly, it was Papa Joe Jackson and he couldn't take the role because he's too busy shopping and taking care of mopping up the floor. Because he had seven kids and all day long they crawled across the floor. Singing "yeah, yeah!"

    Am I right? What'd I win?

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    Lloyd Bridges turned down the role, not wanting to be involved in another science fiction project following the failure of his 1950 film Rocketship X-M and feeling that doing a "space show" would hurt his career.

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    Really? Lloyd Bridges? I have to ask a few of my friends (Trekkies).

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    That's what I read on the internet. And if it's on the internet it must be true. Maybe it was Jack Lord who wanted a 50% stake in the show.

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    Sophisticated is da man,i thought that i[could[sneek]one past,shoulda known better,don't worry west you're still no.1.

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    West is the man! I just threw a lucky punch. Plus I used to date a Trekkie.

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    I bet there isn't a single Trekkie you've not dated!

    Anyway, I'm willing to share being Numero Uno.

    William Shatner would never allow it.....

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    I had to stop dating Trekkies, the always wanted to go where no man had gone before.

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    Only the very first one, surely?

    After that, you were beaming them all up, Scotty...

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    I didn't want to wear the Sue Loo shirt they gave me, so nothing came of it.

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    They thought you would be a stickler for Convention.....

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    I've always been one for protocol.

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    So am I, as a rule.....

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    As a rule I don't date Klingons either, they're too possessive.

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    They long to be close to you...

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    The longer the closer.

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    A long-felt want.....

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    Self Censorshiping.

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    Whenever I hear my voice on the phone, I prefer to remain silent....

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    After I've been given my rights, I prefer to remain silent.

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    You're a fine, upstanding gentleman, but a lot more fun when you lay down your inhibitions.

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    You can't fly if you don't spread your wings.

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    So, it wasn't Joe Jackson? How'd I get that wrong?

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    Maybe you were thinking of the wrong Joe Jackson. It was the other Joe Jackson. Oh, and not the shoeless Joe Jackson either. Hell, I don't know jack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    They long to be close to you...
    If that's a deal breaker, I better not set you up with my Borg friend. I found out when they say "resistance is futile", they aren't referring to their seduction prowess...

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    I don't know..........7 of 9 was a looker!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    I don't know..........7 of 9 was a looker!!
    Butterface. And I'm one to talk, I used to be known as "Buttface".

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    I think your drive is warped enough without any more Dilithium crystals, sir.

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    Why thank you fine sir,here here bottoms up...burp!!!

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    Talk about outta this world beauty...lt.uhura[nichelle nichols]maybe the finest actress ever on tv.

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    Here ya go, arr&bee!

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    That's my girl,thanks sans.

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    I used to love Denise Nicholas. Even when she was on "Room 222" and I was too young to understand why. Karen Valentine, too.

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    Yeah denise was cute,but nichelle was f-i-n-e-

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Yeah denise was cute,but nichelle was f-i-n-e-
    You're just imagining walking around a star ship on a five year mission with a hottie wearing a barely-there mini dress.

    Who at Star Fleet Command thought it was a good idea to pen hundreds of guys and chicks up for such a long time while making THAT the official uniform for the women? I would have lost my mind...

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    Hehehehehe...me too,if i was up there with uhura,kirk wouldn't be able to find us for some of those episodes...hey mr.spock,where's my shuttle craft? Last i saw captain,private nance[hehehe]and lt.uhura were going down to the planet surface to explore the natural habits[kirk]..i didn't order that[spock]they volunteered captain[kirk]well get em back up here[spock]they turned off communications[kirk]landing party come in[private nance]captain,we're gonna chill here on the planet so you can pick us up when you swing back this way,nance out[kirk]naaaaaaaaaance!!!

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    Kirk: I thought I told you to beam them up.
    Spock: You did, Captain.
    Kirk: Well, what's that on the transporter? It isn't Nance and Uhuru.
    Spock: Affirmative, Captain. I believe it be what Private Nance refers to as 'panties and draws'.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....hey we have to maintain[friendly relations]

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    Kirk (to Private Nance): You know you're going to be court martialled if there's not a good excuse for stealing that shuttle, Nance.
    Nance: I have a good excuse, Captain.
    Kirk: Well, what is it?
    Nance: I was in the bar and told her that Tribbles were some insatiable little fuzz balls.
    Kirk: So, what's that got to do with anything?
    Nance: That's when she told me that she had a Tribble.
    Kirk: ??! Well, then I guess you can forget about the court martial...

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    Yep her and i lost in space..hehehehehehe...scotty,don't even think about beaming us up!!

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    Ok you trekkies[hehe]there was actually a second actor that turned down the part of[capt pike]and he later became famous in another tv series..name him?

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    John Amos.

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    Jerry the lady in the horned rimmed glasses is looking for you...wrong answer!!

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    Give it up, R&B..........

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    Ok,it was-jack lord,who went on to become famous as[steve mcgarett]hawaii five o.

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    REALLY?????? Who would've thought!!!!!!!

    Book 'em Dano would've been beam us up Scotty
    Last edited by moe; 02-27-2017 at 02:55 PM.

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    Yep,they could've had him going from planet to planet arresting space criminals and then it could've been...book em scotty!!


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