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    Flynn has resigned and im sure Trump knew all about Russias phone call with Flynn,.

    Flynn has fallen so the first of Trumpenfuhrers rotten apples has dropped and It give me hope however small that theres more to come. I know in my heart that the Cheeto in Cheif knew about Flynns call to the Russians about loosening sactions.

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    I watched the 2012 film The Campaign recently and ever since can't stop saying in relation to the incompetence of the Trump administration: "It's a mess!"

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    Its a disgrace Tomatotom and Trumps up to his neck on it. Russias got a ton of stuff on him and its all gonna come out.

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    Remember the leaders of the GOP swearing that they'd keep him in check, so there was nothing to worry about? Neither Ryan nor McConnell is willing to have an independent investigation into his dealings with Russia. But both are significantly outraged over soon-to-be former spokesperson Kellyanne Conway's endorsement of Ivanka's clothing line, which will be investigated.

    Making things worse, they want to let the Intelligence Committee do a closed-door investigation but it's led by a senator who was on President Bunker's transition team. Nobody expects it to lead to anything due to that conflict and the fact that he already said on record that there's nothing to see. Oh, and Jeff Sessions has refused to recuse himself from overseeing the FBI's investigation. Some have suggested that he was one of the officials who contacted the Russian intelligence officers before the election.

    The whole mess is a swirling sucking eddy of corruption. Trump and Flynn are likely guilty of working in collusion with foreign aggressors, which is akin to treason. Hopefully, the truth will come out.

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    I, for one, can't wait for the fur to fly. This will be better than Watergate! I'm salivating.

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    After the disaster that was last week's surprise press conference (pretty sure it was a surprise for Donald himself) why has Trump decided to hold a rally in Florida? Does he think he's a candidate again or something? Lol

    And then the guy started talking about how other countries had been badly effected after taking in more immigrants:

    Trump says, "Look what's happening in Sweden"
    Sweden asks, "Wait, what!?"
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    Exactly, Tomato. Did you see the Swedish official who tweeted, "What has he been smoking?" It would be funny if it weren't so downright embarrassing.

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    It turns out some Swedish right wing film maker was on Fox and he made up some stuff about a crime wave in Sweden and suggested it was due to their bringing in a lot of immigrants. It turns out that crime there did increase about 5% last year, but it was due to a bump in computer fraud, not marauding Muslim immigrants. And President Numbnuts didn't hesitate to use fake news for his rally.

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    Trump and Fox News dont give a crap for the truth. This is the most unfit President Ever.


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