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    Ok,top this.....!

    James brown had his capes...the supremes had their gowns...the temps had the four headed mike...gene chandler had his triple breasted suits, hi gang let's name so of the things that our music legends used on stage that made them stand out.

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    LOL! Screamin' Jay Hawkins' coffin and cane are the most iconic props ever in popular music.

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    Everything about Grace Jones , especially her haircut.

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    Lady had her gardenias...

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    Run DMC made adidas shoes their trademark.

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    David Ruffin's thick square-ish glasses
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    Roy Orbison's shades and Johnny Cash's black clothes.

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    Parliament's mothership.

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    The Four Tops trademark "Spinning Top" dance move.

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    LaBelle's inter-galactic costumes.

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    Josephine Baker's bananas

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    Elvis Presley white jumpsuits.
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    Michael Jackson's sequined glove.

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    Louis Armstrong's handkerchief

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    Clara Ward and The Ward Singers' wigs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    Josephine Baker's bananas
    Dolly Parton's melons.

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    Vanity 6's camisoles.

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    The Time's zoot suits and Stacy Adamses

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    Larry Blackmon of Cameo's red codpiece.

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    I'm not sure if he wore it on stage, but Chuck Willis' turban.

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    Marvin Gaye's knit cap

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    The Ronettes' huge wigs.

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    The manhattans and their white gloves.

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    Little richard's pompador.

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    Chuck Berry's duck walk and James Brown's splits. For that matter, Cab Calloway's conk.

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    The coasters and their comedy routines.


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