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    Party ova here!!

    How many songs mention places to party?...three thirty three..at the club..the soulful shack..going to a go go..function at the junction..meet me at mary's place..at the chicken shack..psychedelic shack....what cha got?

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    "Best Beat In Town" by Switch

    I mean, "Town" is a bit vague but it's still a place to party...!

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    "Funtion at the Junction" - Shorty Long

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    Also, does "Boogie Wonderland" count?

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    OHH and The Drifters' "Come On Over To My Place"

    ("hey, girl, we're having a party!")

    Sorry this is kinda addictive... Hehe

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    "Love Shack" by the B-52s, although it's a different kind of party. "Saturday Night Fish Fry" by Louis Jordan.

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    Chicago disco-major lance

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    The best place to have a party is in the "Land of 1,000 Dances".

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    Living for the weekend-the o'jays..wang dang doodle-ko ko taylor.

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    Of course... "Dancing In The Street"...!!

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    Down to Love Town - The Originals

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    Jam - LTD!!!

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    How could nobody know that there's a party at Mary's place? Meet Me At Mary's Place, y'all! If you listen to this right now, it'll be in your head for hours.

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    The Harlem Shuffle - Bob and Earl


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