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    Soulful Shack no. 128 - online & anytime - 60s/70s radio show

    Soulful Shack no. 128 - online & anytime

    Soulful Shack no. 128 features a number of unreleased tracks from Motown 1966...set recently issued.

    Includes Brenda Holloway, Gladys Knight & Pips, Barbara McNair, Chris Clark, Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston, Earl Van Dyke.

    also Walter Jackson, Tony Drake, Timothy Wilson, Barbara Lewis


    Online... listen anytime

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    Soulful shack 129

    More 1966 unreleased tracks...Temptations, Spinners, Brenda Holloway, Gladys Knight & pips, Marvin Gaye

    Also Gene Chandler, Jackie Ross, Patrice Holloway, Intriques and more..


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