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    A spotlight,a mic and a song!

    Ok,now some of us have been to many concerts and have listened to many songs from out private collections,but what is the one song from any of your favorite artist that you would've loved to have heard them sing with just them and a spotlight..for me-holly[smokey]..i'll be there[gene chandler]..prove it[aretha]..funny[walter jackson].

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    Good question. I once went to a nightclub when they had talent night. None of the acts were worth a crap until the last one came to the mic. Everybody was basically talking and laughing quite loudly and ignoring the people trying to impress us. Then, a young woman started singing Anita Baker's "No One In The World" and as she went through it, the crowd just hushed. She sang it a capella so well, a chill went through me.

    I could only imagine Ms. Baker doing it as well or better and would love to hear it. Another would be to hear Levi Stubbs sing "I Believe In You and Me" with no accompaniment. He bared his soul in that song as it is and I have no doubt it would sound just as good with just his voice.

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    Lady Day. "Strange Fruit." That is all.

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    Just before sunrise-the impressions

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    Let me into your life-bill withers[this song is a tearjerker and drop dead gorgious].


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