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    TJ Lubinski appreciation thread

    I spoke with TJ the other day, on the phone. It wasn't until we hung up that I thought about the contributions he has made, and is still making, regarding showcasing the music that we all love. He not only talks the talk, but definitely walks the walk. The PBS shows that he has brought us not only gladdens the hearts of those of us that have lived in that great musical era, but is also introducing good music to new generations of younger people who, without TJ's efforts, would be listening to the drivel that abounds these days and thinking that was music. So, in the spirit of the Holidays, many thanks TJ. All the best to you and your family for the coming year and PLEASE keep the shows coming our way.

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    Thank you TJ! The last time I called the show, I couldn't get through, but you are still my buddy! LOL! Thank you too Ralph and all the best to you both this Holiday Season!


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    I agree wholeheartedly, tj has kept the true spirit of out beloved classic soul sounds alive with his classic shows.

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    I would love to sit down with TJ and talk music for such a young guy he is quite the music expert, I would love to have his job. He has covered it all. TJ you should go on the Malt shop Cruise, love these cruises, all the legends and a chance to spread your knowledge.

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    Thanks tj


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    Yes, I echo the thanks and appreciation in this thread for TJ. He's had a big hand in putting together many great shows. I really enjoyed the recent Carpenters Christmas special, which I know doesn't fit under the soul music genre, but it was still great!

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    Thank you TJ for all the fantastic shows you brought to PBS, especially bringing the original members where possible back together again. The one performance that still brings tears to my eyes and remains my favorite of all the shows is Jerry Butler and Betty Everett. I co-sign with Ralph, please keep the shows coming.


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    Thank you so much Ralph and friends - just seeing this. Our work is not done yet - - more soul to come in my plans on public tv.

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    Keep us tuned up, TJ.


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