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    Dennis Coffey New Video

    Hello everyone. Here is a new video released by Resonance Records to support my new album.


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    Great promo Dennis... Yo've got some very well respected veterans in the promo supporting this release.....especially Melvin and Bettye. Good luck! Mike

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    Thanks, Mike. I hope we get some decent sales.

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    I remember seeing you guys live. What a talented group of players. I wish you every success with this, Dennis.

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    Nicely Done....a very good promo vehicle....plenty of good folks stepping in including my gal Bettye and Our Own Kevin Goins.

    My fave memory of you is from the SDF get together back in 2005. I remember you being very talented and very humble, almost getting poked by Millie to speak out and how well you fit in with the band.....no prima donna crap.

    I got another reference, but I'm gonna save that for another thread.

    I'm in for one.


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