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    Family reunions are fun,what's up abfan,how ya been?

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    Hellllllllo Destruction. . 💋💋💋
    Those were the days...Anita declared she's retired. .. 😡😠😷

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Family reunions are fun,what's up abfan,how ya been?
    Helllllllllo arr &bee..Im doing fine..Did the site shut down for a while ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    What's up abfan, good to see ya!
    Hellllllllo Ms M Happy new year 😄😃

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    Quote Originally Posted by abfan View Post
    Hellllllllo Ms M Happy new year ����
    Happy New Year back atcha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ms. T View Post
    Happy New Year, Ms. M! We gotta catch up beyond the forum!!! Good to "see" you! I'm in Pittsburgh, and uh, a lot's happening. :-D
    Wil do. My email addy is the same!

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    Googled "Artie Fields," found forum on him here, but couldn't access. Also, "Frantic" Ernie Durham was my father-in-law. Here's my post for Artie's forum:

    I created "Best of the Class" for WXYZ-TV in '81 "over" Sinatra's "Here's to the Winners." Sales said "whoa, we can SELL this!" I asked Artie for original music & GM sponsored (in Detroit) in '82. Legal battle followed when Artie & GM took it to ~90 markets with budget of $4.2 Million! If anyone has a copy of the video or the music, please contact me - luttrellb@gmail.com


    Walter Buzz Luttrell


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