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    Construction Season - SoulfulDetroit Updates - Please Excuse The Dust

    To our wonderful members and guests.

    Please bear with us as we make updates to SoulfulDetroit.

    Time moves on and so do internet technologies and culture. To keep apace so must SoulfulDetroit. This will be the official discussion thread for the topic of these changes, reporting of issues, suggestions and, well, what ever.

    Consequently we will be making update changes that may result in temporary occasional odd behaviors.

    Here are some of the changes we are making.

    • Mobile device detection and display
      For ease of reading on smaller screens your view of SoulfulDetroit will be adjusted depending on the device with which you are viewing - laptop - pad - smart phone. An option to override will be available. For instance if you prefer the full site view on your iPhone, as I do, you will have that option.
    • Facebook Connect Enabled
      Allows members to connect with SoulfulDetroit and and new members to register using their Facebook credentials.
    • Installation of thee Latest version of the vBulletin forum software

    Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

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    Yeah, baby! It's about time! Hopefully, this will also mean the ability to have avatars and the selection of personalized colors, and such.

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    This explains the difficulty I've had navigating on my tablet. I look forward to any improvements we may see.

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    Umm,ahem...over here...i hope you guys don't get too cute with that technology stuff,i only have one key that fits the front and back doors[bless ralph's kind heart]so none of that digital stuff!!!

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    I want this forum to move into the 21st century. If y'all have to learn some new tricks, so be it!

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    It's been almost four months. Where are those upgrades?


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