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    Melvin davis - new cd release

    Melvin Davis, Detroit legend, solo and with 8th Day - new release

    listen here -

    purchase here and prviews of all tracks-

    and amazon USA

    and Amazon UK

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    Cd release party

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    Is this a CD or a download only.

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    Very cool. I'll stick this thread on the top for a while for all to see. Best of luck with the release Melvin.

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    The tracks are excellent.

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    AMAZON ALBUM IN MP3 both on USA and UK sites

    CD BABY CD AND MP3 formats

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    Bought the cd from CD baby.

    I had to re-register. Why I do not know.

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    Some spanking new nice Melvin performances..... with McKinley Jackson on keyboards
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    And a concert featuring tracks from the new cd and old classics.....
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    One of Melvin's early recordings which is a classic...... produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey

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    A new interview with Melvin in which he talks of his career and the revitalising of Detroit..Melvin Davis brings it all back home with ‘Double or Nothing’

    'If I don't believe it, I don't write it'

    By Dennis Burck

    click to enlarge

    Detroit soul ambassador Melvin Davis' new album, Double or Nothing, is the singer and songwriter's first original production since the 1970s. The warm, funky offering showcases Davis' continued determination to write and produce music. He's had a 50-year career in Detroit, from cutting records for the incomparable Fortune label to working with David Ruffin and writing hits for Motown. There is a warning label on the record that reads "Contents contain extensive truth, positive messages and an addictive groove that may become habit forming." We sat down with Davis to learn more.

    Full article at Detroit Metro Times

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    Soul City is playing Classic Soul R&B from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, to present day..

    WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015

    Melvin Davis

    Hey! All you lover’s of soul music, a flash from the past is back and doing his thing. I’m talking about Melvin Davis. He was the lead singer with the 70’s group “The 8th Day”. He’s a singer, songwriter, drummer, and bandleader from Detroit. Melvin was born in 1942 and was around in the Motown era. Melvin worked with artists such as Smokey Robinson, David Ruffin, Wayne Krammer and Dennis Coffey. Their hit song was “You’ve Got To Crawl Before You Walk.”

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    A podomatic program by soul discovery / solar radio featuring a play list of lesser known soul songs with a great interview with Melvin Davis and a load of tracks taken from his repetoire.


    Melvin Davis “You can’t run away” (Rockmill)
    Tim Murray “Thinking of you” (Detroit Tracks) 7’
    Tony Minvielle feat: Personal Life “Distance can be sweet”
    Joyce Elaine Yuille “Running in to my life” (Schema)
    Ty Causey “Just another love affair” (Promo)
    Dynamic Sounds Orchestra “Take me back” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’
    Leon Timbo “You're my darling” (A Riverphlo Production)
    The Avons “When the boy that you love (is loving you)” (Kent)
    Freddie Scott “I love you” (Probe) 7’
    Bobby Barnes “You make my life (a sunny day)” (Poormans) 7’
    La Rombe' “The Ultimate” (Lovelyte Musique)
    Joyce Elaine Yuille “It’s madness” (Schema)
    Don Adams “Here we go again” (World Shaker)
    E.J. and the Echoes “Put a smile on your face” (Jim Diamond) 7’

    Special Guest: Melvin Davis
    Melvin Davis “Find a Quiet place” (Wheel City) 7’
    Melvin Davis “This love was meant to be” (Mala)
    Melvin Davis “I must love you” (Groovesville) 7’
    J.J. Barnes “Chains of love” (Groovesville) 7’
    Jackey Beavers “I need my baby” (Revilot) 7’
    Melvin Davis “I’m not worried at all” (Invictus)
    Melvin Davis “Thinking of you” (Rockmill)
    Charisma “Let love into your live” (Rockmill)7'
    Melvin Davis “Cherish each moment” (Rockmill)
    Melvin Davis “Double od nothing” (Rockmill)
    Melvin Davis “Cherish each moment” (Rockmill)
    Melvin Davis “Thinking of you” (Rockmill)
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    Some of you may know "Thinking Of You" by Tim Murray, an excellent sought after track for many years. It was co written and produced by Melvin Davis and Melvin's own superb version is featured on Melvin's new album....... as a taster, here is Tim Murray's version...

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    Melvin Davis is to be inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame at the Charles H. Wright Museum on October 4.
    Show preview: Melvin Davis at Cliff Bell's this Sat., Aug. 15

    Posted By Dennis Burck on Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    See the "Detroit Soul Ambassador” live in action this Saturday, August 15 at Cliff Bell's. At 72,Melvin Davis still consistently puts on an impassioned performance that covers a spectrum of his best Fortune and Motown songs. Davis began recording in Detroit for the Jackpot label in 1961, cutting the classic “I Don’t Want You”/ “About Love” before heading over to Fortune to cut “I Won’t Be Your Fool” and “Playboy.”
    Davis is pushing his latest album Double or Nothing and is set to be inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame at the Charles H. Wright Museum on October 4.

    With a legendary venue hosting a local legend, you’d be a fool to miss it. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and the cover is $10.

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    Cracking record by Melvin Davis on MALA Records. Written by Melvin, Clyde Wilson and Dennis Coffey.... produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis ..... Save It (Never Too Late)

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    And the excellent flip....

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    This is for me Melvin's Magnum Opus....... peerless! Just keeps on building and bucket loads of pathos in Melvin's vocals.....

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    Another Invictus goodie....

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    Another Melvin performance as lead vocalist in The 8th Day on their first album, but also released as a shortened single under Melvin's own name - Just As Long

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    A recent live performance by Melvin on Some Things I just Don't Do.... I notice Drew Schultz is on congas...

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    Everything you could know about Melvin Davis and his career, and all the Detroit legends he worked and lived with.....David Ruffin, Funk Brothers, Dennis Coffey, Cornelius Grant, and Motown...... interview hosted by the excellent Drew Schultz - quintessential Soulful Detroit history
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    Superb HD recording of Thinking Of You

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    Melvin Davis & Steven Mancha - I Need My Baby

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    MELVIN DAVIS - Save It (Never Too Late)

    CO WRITTEN WITH Dennis Coffey & Clyde Wilson

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    Composed and produced by Melvin Davis

    Edward Hamilton And The Fifes - I'm Gonna Love You

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    Same song by Edward Hamilton but this time with the Arabians...... produced by Lou Beatty

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    Crying In a Whisper - alternate version with shared vocals by Drew Schultz and Melvin and cello...

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    This version of Crying In a Whisper features many soul greats including James Jamerson Jr RIP

    Drew Schultz -- drums
    Emilio Tostado -- guitar
    Jent LaPalm -- bass
    John Guari -- keyboard
    Chris Ams -- vocals
    Steve Adams -- drums, percussion
    Jimmy Smith -- trumpet
    James Hughes -- tenor sax
    Matt Martinez -- trombone

    Melvin Davis -- vocals
    Spyder Turner -- vocals
    Ken Knox
    James Jamerson, Jr.
    McKinley Jackson
    Dan Tyrell

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    Mike were you in Detroit recently?

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    No Marv, my last visit to Detroit was in 2001. I would be sure to look up Ralph and yourself if I come that way again!

    By the way, more than 4000 visits to the Melvin Davis Page, but only three people have posted a comment, Ralph, you and boyfromxtown. You're in the exclusive club LOL...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIKEW-UK View Post
    No Marv, my last visit to Detroit was in 2001. I would be sure to look up Ralph and yourself if I come that way again!

    By the way, more than 4000 visits to the Melvin Davis Page, but only three people have posted a comment, Ralph, you and boyfromxtown. You're in the exclusive club LOL...
    I was in Detroit last week and had the chance to speak to Melvin briefly along with some very nice people from the U.K. The woman was from Leeds and the gentleman was a promoter I believe.

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    Concert line up - Melvin's 74th birthday celebration

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    God Bless him...he was to have come to Cleveland a couple of years ago (to the Beachland Ballroom), but got snowed in in Detroit. I hope he'll come back to the area sometime.



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    Melvin Davis, singer, songwriter, drummer, and bandleader who worked with everyone from Smokey Robinson and David Ruffin to Wayne Kramer, Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Soul Ambassador, is my guest Friday morning at 9 EST. We're going to talk his history, Detroit music history and so much more. Catch us on COMCAST 91 in Detroit and online at www.tv33whpr.com on our "WHPR app" on your smartphone or tablet and on Roku. You can call in to the show at 313.868.0351and 313.868.4336.



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