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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...snow??? It's 60 degrees and will be all next week!!

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    We didn't get any snow here, but Storm Doris certainly put the wind up me.

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    We had 78 degrees yesterday. And sunshine for most of it. Now, it's already 30 degrees cooler and will keep getting colder for the next six hours or so. It's okay, though. I'm happy with the little unexpected one day vacay.

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    March is spooky though,it may snow next week.

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    Well,it looks like we're gonna get it tonight and all day tomorrow[2-12 inches]i gotta find a good hiding place,the wife will be on me to shovel snow and i ain't having it...bye!!

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    Just in time for you-know-who to decide to go to Florida for another "working vacation" on his golf course until the snow melts.

    Seriously, that sucks for you guys. We're only expecting an inch or so.

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    pssssssss,hey jerry over here i'm typing this from my secret location deep in the woods behind my house,where the wife will never find me...i'm on a working vacation,hehehehe!!!

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    LOL. Well, I have a buddy who lives in the DC Metro and he said they barely got two inches. That's not so bad.

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    Well where I am (NE Ohio) got at least 6, accompanied by the whiteouts & winds. I've seen it worse. I'm wondering about people in New England (Maine). They usually get dumped on.

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    I live an hour or so South of you and we got possibly an inch. It's still on the ground because it was very cold for the last couple of days. When I ventured into it, I had zero issues (thank God!).

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    Hey what kind of deal is this??? I lock myself in got my food an drink,got peace an quiet and no snow?...hey wait a minute...no wife nagging no chores...i may stay here forever...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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    You got food? Not sure about that part of your story.

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    Jerry, didn't you say you're in Columbus? If you are you are 2 hours from me & I am blessed with lake effect.

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    Yep, right here in the middle. Lake Erie is beautiful in Summer and a pain in Winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry oz View Post
    you got food? Not sure about that part of your story.
    yep got a nap sack full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    jerry, didn't you say you're in columbus? If you are you are 2 hours from me & i am blessed with lake effect.
    lake effect??? Is that anything like[side effect]if it is don't worry i got a doctor in da hood that can cure that for you..dr.vi ta minns..he's da man!!


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