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Top of pageBottom of page   By bs ( on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 08:46 am:

TRuly one of the best groups to come out of Motown in the 1970's. Would love to see the original members reunite and perform again. Does anyone know about a possible reunion and where are Thomas Mclary, Ronald Lapread, and Milan Williams,are they still in the music industry.Also, Where is LIONAL?

Top of pageBottom of page   By Galactus ( on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 09:04 am:

A reunion would be great.

I really have to credit the Commodores with making me a full fledged soul music fan when I was growing up. I was influenced by my dad certainly, who always had r&b around the house.

But the 'Dores got me into the newer stuff.......their "Midnight Magic" LP came out at the right time for me.......I was 14 when it hit the racks and I ate it up. The hits were good, but "Lovin' You," "You're Special" and "Wonderland" were my favorite tracks. With that album I went totally soul and never looked back towards rock again....

Top of pageBottom of page   By don. ( on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 10:19 am:

Thomas Mclary the guitarist released an album in the early 80's after the Commodores split up. I think the name of the tune was "Painted Piture" I think? Though Motown did do an album by him. I heard a rummor that the fellas did reunite back in the mid 90's and did concerts over abroad, and heard if all went well they'd would bring it to the States. At least that's what I heard up until then at the time. And if it did happen, why weren't there any press covering of this event? I'll have to give L. Richie props on his pop songwriter abilities, though I felt what was still lost and missing in their formula was not only their slow jams, also gone we're their mid tempo and their funky funky dance-grooves. It would be interesting to see the guys get back together and do it 1 mo' time. A couple of years back VH1 had an doctramentory on Ritchie. And during those interviews he said the band had went to N.Y.C. to land a recording deal. They all just didn't come home defeated, no, the Commodores did land a deal with Atlatic and with producer Jerry Williams, Jr. The result was a single that I have is "KEEP ON DANCING" B/W "RISE UP", both are instrumentals. I don't have an LP all I have is ann 45. I remember "KEEP ON DANCING" was an Alvin Cash written and performed song of his. The pat # is; 45-2633 also in atlantic catalog #; A-16693-PL.

Top of pageBottom of page   By Funkyone D J Dollar BILL ( on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 11:28 am:

There was a C.D.'s worth of early material floating around in Wal-Marts and bargain bins that features mainly early instumentals.I would have to guess it's legit as I'm sure Wal-Mart has a pretty good legal department.It's not as strong as later Commodores and sounds more like a high school or bar band,but shows the roots.

Rise Up
1.Cowboys To Girls
2.Rise Up
3.Losing You
4.Who's Making Love?
5.Sing A Simple Song
6.Baby This Is Forever
7.Love Canoe
8.Come By Here
9.Keep On Dancing

Top of pageBottom of page   By marv ( on Sunday, August 10, 2003 - 12:34 pm:

The Commodores be performed with Mary Wilson, at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn,NY. A couple of summers ago.Peace

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