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Evening All,

Check out the updates on the entire Sam Cooke site. Check out - the fourth selection - "Rock & Roll Bad Guy." Guess who's voice pipes up? And I didn't know that Sam composed the number. Wow!

STUBASS - listen to it until the end. Guess whose name also is mentioned?

And also check out the News tab. There are several reviews from major newspapers about Sam's "Legend", CD.

All evening - I've been too touched by it all - and the tears have fallen, for real.

God rest your soul Sam - and may He continue to bless your loved ones. We will always miss you.

And talking about what the future of music may be? I'm not feeling positive about what is in store - so again - I thank God for the music I've loved and still do. All of it will surely sustain me until my He calls for me, and then it will be a "Family Reunion", indeed.

Sam Cooke: Portrait Of A Legend Radio Show - Part One

Sam Cooke: Portrait Of A Legend Radio Show - Part Two

Peter Guralnick Talks About Sam Cooke At The Copa

Sam Cooke: Rock & Roll Bad Guy

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