The Lou Rawls Philly Sessions FORUM: Archive - After July 12, 2003: The Lou Rawls Philly Sessions
Top of pageBottom of page   By einnod23 aka DF ( on Sunday, August 03, 2003 - 10:30 pm:

It seems that the Lou Rawls albums (All Things In Time, Unmistakably Lou, When You Heard Lou, You've Heard It All) are perfect examples of a producer (Bobby Martin?) producing songs according to the artist's strengths, as opposed to the producer imposing his will/style, which may not necessarily fit that artist.

If I'm correct, Lou had a straight blues and jazz/"showroom" background before the Philly sessions. Yes, "You'll Never Find..." is done for "the disco times" (it is a classic), but it seems like the rest of Lou's songs were written/arranged like standards (I Wish It Were Yesterday, Dollar Green, remake of Unforgettable, That Would Do It For Me). Hats off to Martin for "lettin' Lou be Lou". Maybe Eli can confirm if Bobby Martin (or other producers) let Lou be Lou.

I wonder if Lou was produced by say, P-Diddy, if the hip-hop pop would not have been unnecessarily imposed on Lou. Sorry to go there, but....


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