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Top of pageBottom of page   By MEL&THEN SOME ( on Saturday, July 26, 2003 - 08:15 am:

Can anyone please shed any
light on this artist,record etc by any chance.

Forest Hairston
'We go to pieces/The sound of the bells'

recorded on Viney Records
and not certain but could be no.01?

The info I have wrote next to it
states the following:
'60's Detroit Uptempo Soul
Saxes,Brass Band'
Flipside is a
RnB Ballad with Strings'.

Thats all I have at the moment
anyway unless I find any other relevent info.

Would appreciate it
if anyone can help me out.


Top of pageBottom of page   By Ron Murphy ( on Saturday, July 26, 2003 - 09:51 pm:

this was my first professional session as a recording engineer . Forest had been living in New York when he decided to make a record it is a plain yellow label with VINEY at the top(Viney was his mother's name). he moved back to his home(Detroit) in late 1965 and decided to open a studio. I was working as a saleman selling audio equipment and sold him some things for the studio at Dexter near Burlingame streets and he talked me into becoming the engineer. we cut that on a 2 track with the top musicans pistol allen on drums,bob babbit on bass, dennis coffey on guitar(backbeat) dave hamilton on rhythm guitar ,billie jean thomas on piano, and mike terry and his horn section. the record was on WCHB and got promoted in the mid-west and some southern states. it started real good and 5000 records were pressed but many got returned and then into the trash, I kept 25 copies the following year in April 1967 Forest sold the studio to 2 doctors(ramsey and brockington) and it became Ram-Brock Records I designed that label for it(release #1 or as it says 45-01) but there was that New York record that was really the first Viney release

Top of pageBottom of page   By MEL&THEN SOME ( on Sunday, July 27, 2003 - 05:51 am:

Mr Murphy
many many thanks for all that superb information.
Needless to say that everyone you name that were involved in the recording as well as yourself are all second to none.

Its interesting that Dave Hamiltons name is once again featured as it was on a lot of material,
but in this case,
Next to my notes regards the Forest Hairston
Dave Hamilton and his Peppers
on Fortune Records(no.861)
'The Argentina/Funky Walk'
with this written as well
Novelty Detroit RnB instrumental.
Sax solo,
Rhythm and Guitar solo.

also along with the above are also two other records by a
Joy Hamilton with Orchestra
on Bridges(no.1101)
'Just cant help myself/I think of you'
and another by Joy Hamilton & Orch
with the Gene Mason Sextet
'you got my nose open baby/Leave the man I Love'
also on the Bridges Label(no.1103)

Although the Bridges 45s are L.A.
Are the Dave Hamilton
and Joy Hamilton in any way related?

Interesting regards the
Ram Brock Records
which I know a bit about.(not a lot)

Just one more thing Mr Murphy
do you know what
Forest Hairston is involved with today.

Many thanks once more for the information that you so generously have put forward.

Best Wishes
and Kind Regards

Top of pageBottom of page   By Keith Rylatt ( on Sunday, July 27, 2003 - 07:43 am:

Mel If you E mail me your address I can send you a 4 page article on Bro Will, with discography. Keith

Top of pageBottom of page   By Dennis Coffey ( on Sunday, July 27, 2003 - 07:56 am:

Hey Mel and Ron. The knowledge of the people on this site still amazes me. I had forgotten about that session and probably many others. Detroit was certainly a major player in recording activities back in the days.

Top of pageBottom of page   By MEL&THEN SOME ( on Sunday, July 27, 2003 - 11:58 am:

as well as Detroit being a major player
it goes without having to really say it
but you were/are still a major player

Top of pageBottom of page   By Ron Murphy ( on Sunday, July 27, 2003 - 10:20 pm:

thanks Mel for your kind words and hi Dennis who always found a way to put some great licks in on a session. yeah I remember this session real good because it was my first one(I was 18) I took the master to Sheldon in Chicago to cut the record master because he had cut some of the best records I had in my collection at that time and then took those up to American Record Pressingin Owosso,Michigan to get pressed . now on the other side Dave Hamilton is on vibes and Dennisis rhythm guitar. at the time Forest was involed in some illegal things and I heard he was found in the truck of his car just a few years later. I still have business cards and a picture of forest it was a pretty studio inside and some nice things were cut there of which I still have the tapes of

Top of pageBottom of page   By matt ( on Monday, July 28, 2003 - 03:42 pm:

wait, keith, are you saying forest hairston and brother will hairston are the same fellow? i have one record by each. i'd love to see the article.

also, ron, my viney record is red. is it a second pressing or something?


Top of pageBottom of page   By Ron Murphy ( on Monday, July 28, 2003 - 11:07 pm:

Matt the record you have is the first Detroit production, the yellow label Viney record is an earlier record recorded in New York. it's a pop sounding record. We Go To Pieces is from June 1966 there was no other releases on Viney of course there were many other sessions including the first 2 records on my own label by Reggie Milner(Ron's 45-01 & 45-02)

Top of pageBottom of page   By Keith Rylatt ( on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 - 08:08 am:

Matt & Mel. Sorry, my mistake, I was refering to Brother Will Hairston who was also shot but some years later and recovered after receiving 5 bullets! (Will's shooting happened at 8.30pm, Dec. 3rd. '71) If you still want the article please E mail me your address & I'll mail you a copy. keith

Top of pageBottom of page   By MEL&THEN SOME ( on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 - 12:25 pm:

Did you get my mail?

Top of pageBottom of page   By Joe Moorehouse ( on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 - 02:33 pm:

Here's a scan of the New York single (Go on and Tell Me b/w No Second Chance) both sides of which are ballads written by Vernon Harrell and somebody I don't know named Doris Horne:


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