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Top of pageBottom of page   By Wonder B ( on Friday, July 04, 2003 - 08:11 am:

As trhis topic seems to come back from time to time I thought I might share with you what I have come up with over the years... a discography of wht he produced in Detroit before hitting the big times...
If you have any corrections or additions I'd be glad to see you post them here...

Darrell BANKS : Open The Door To Your Heart/Our Love (Is In The Pocket)* (REVILOT 201) 1966
(* co-written by G.C & produced by Geo-Si-Mik)

J.J BARNES :Day Tripper*/Don't Bring Me Bad News (RIC TIC 115) 1966
(* produced by Geo-Si-Mik)

Our Love (Is In The Pocket)/ The LeBaron Strings - The Loser's Seat (REVILOT 222) 1968
(A-side cover of D.Banks song/B-side is instrumental of Parliaments "All your goodies are

So-Called Friends*/The LeBaron Strings - Now She's Gone (REVILOT 225) 1968
(* co-written by G.C)

DEBONAIRES :Loving You Takes All Of My Time/Headache In My Heart (SOLID HIT 102) 1966
(A-side co-written & produced by G.C; B-side co-written by G.C)

Headache In My Heart*/I'm In Love Again (SOLID HIT 104) 1967
(* co-written by G.C)

The FANTASTIC FOUR :Girl Have Pity/(I'm Gonna) Live Up To What She Thinks (RIC TIC 119) 1966
(Both sides co-written by G.C; B-side produced by G.C)

The FELLOWS :Let's Make It Last/She's Always There (SOLID HIT 110) 1967

FLAMING EMBERS :Let's Have A Love-In (Cause Everybody Need Love)/Hey Mama (What'cha Got Good For Daddy)* (RIC TIC 132) 1967
(* co-written & produced by G.C)

Roy HANDY & the Parlettes :Accidental Love/What Did We Do (MARTON 1001) 1964
(co-written & produced by G.C)

Roy HANDY :Monkey See, Monkey Do/Baby That's A Groove* (STEPHANYE 334) 1965
(* co-written by G.C)

Ernie HARRIS :Hold On/Betty (OKEH 7196) 1965

HOLIDAYS :All That Is Required*/I'll Keep Coming Back (REVILOT 226) 1968
(* co-written by G.C)

Pat LEWIS :Can't Shake It Loose*/Let's Go Together (GOLDEN WORLD 42) 1966
(* co-written by G.C & produced by Geo-Si-Mik)

Look At What I Almost Missed*/No Baby, No (SOLID HIT 101) 1966
(* written & produced by G.C)

Warning/I'll Wait* (SOLID HIT 105) 1967
(* co-written & produced by G.C)

No One To Love (SOLID HIT 109) 1967

The Loser/ Baby I Owe You Something (Instrumental)* (SOLID HIT 112) 1967
(* co-written by G.C)

Tamala LEWIS :You Won't Say Nothing/If You Can Stand Me (MARTON 1002) 1964
(co-written & produced by G.C)

Theresa LINDSEY :I'll Bet You*/Daddy-O (GOLDEN WORLD 43) 1966
(* co-written by G.C & produced by Geo-Si-Mik)

The MAGICTONES :Good Ole Music (WESTBOUND 152)

Tony MICHAELS : Picture Me & You (GOLDEN WORLD GW-41)

The PARLIAMENTS :Poor Willie/Party Boys (APT 25036) 1959 (same tracks can be found on the HULL release)

Lonely Island/(You Make Me Wanna) Cry (FLIP 100/101) 1959

Heart Trouble/My Girl (GOLDEN WORLD 46) 1965

(I Wanna) Testify/I Can Feel The Ice Melting (REVILOT 207) 1967

All Your Goodies Are Gone(The Loser's Seat)/Don't Be Sore At Me (REVILOT 211) 1967

Little Man/The Goose (That Laid The Golden Egg) (REVILOT 214) 1967

Look At What I Almost Missed/ What You Been Growing (REVILOT 217) 1967

Good Ole Music/Time (REVILOT 223) 1968

A New Day Begins/I'll Wait (REVILOT 228) 1968(also on ATCO 6675) 1969

The PETS :I Say Yeah/Westside Party (CARNIVAL 511) 1965
(co-written & produced by G.C)

Rose WILLIAMS with George Clinton & the FUNKEDELICS : Whatever Makes My Baby Feel Good/Inst.
(FUNKEDELIC 6709) 1968

Stanley WINSTON :No More Ghettos In America/It's Alright (JEWEL 149) 1965 Arranged by G.C & written by Ernie Harris
(The guy who co-owned the barber shop with G.C before he got started in the music business)

There is also the Sunday Kind Of Love/The Wind (?) single that I have never seen, but which George mentioned to me a few times...

Wonder B

Top of pageBottom of page   By Rich ( on Friday, July 04, 2003 - 09:41 am:

That looks pretty doggone complete Wonder B. I assume Clinton produced "I Misjudged You" for VIP, (wonder what was planned for the flip side). BTW, I prefer the remix on CC that came out in April

Wasn't "Sunday ... b/w "The Wind" an acetate only & not an actual release. "The Wind" is eerie. Could have been a record booth thing as doo-wop in '56 didn't always have accompaniment, like the Del-Larks "Remember the Night". They were both cover tunes of popular doo-wop songs from the time (Diablos & Harptones).

Whats the Ernie Harris / Okeh 45 - something you've seen and/or heard? Writers credits?

When you see Ernie's name as a co-writer of something P-Funk recorded in the 70's (Biological Speculation / Eulogy and light) you know those are Ernie-isms that date back to the Barbershop, which Clinton sold his 50% interest in '67. Ernie actually influenced-inspired-created many of GC's catch phrases.

Ever notice that on the original release of "Good Old Music" (Revilots blue & red) that GC - Funkadelic are credited as writers. When additional copies were printed on Revilot's pink label (and all subsequent releases) GC is the only song writer given credit. Oh, the games poeple play.

Happy 4th.

Top of pageBottom of page   By uardanjie ( on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - 10:22 pm:


Who were the writer's with the initials


Top of pageBottom of page   By acooolcat ( on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - 11:39 pm:

They were...
George Clinton
Sidney Barnes
Mike Terry


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