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Top of pageBottom of page   By Flynny ( on Monday, March 17, 2003 - 06:12 pm:

A thread to list out Detroit 6T's soul classics that still exist on original acetates (with labels):

Bell - Tommy Mealey - Going to a happening
Bell - Emanuel Laskey - Lucky to be loved by you
Bell - Jimmy Ruffin - Don't feel sorry for me
GM - Detroit Executives - Cool off
GM - Four Voices - Your love is getting stronger
Atlantic - Popcorn Wylie - Rosemary what happened
Atlantic - Deon Jackson - Someday the sun is gonna shine
Pac 3 - Eddie Parker - Crying clown
United Sound - Arabians - Let me try

...must be loads more :-)

Top of pageBottom of page   By John Lester ( on Monday, March 17, 2003 - 06:14 pm:


You got a scan on Jimmy Ruffin......?

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